The Department of Education at Dartmouth College is focused on exploring the complex connections among human development, learning, and teaching. One of our main goals is to begin bridging the gaps among developmental and educational research, practice, and policy. We believe that the process of education should be informed by findings from scientific research and that scientific research about development and learning should be informed by educators. If we want to understand how children learn and how best to teach children, then researchers and educators need to collaborate and share knowledge. Thus, the faculty, classes, and research and outreach opportunities in the Department represent multiple perspectives on learning, development, and education. By weaving together educational science, neuroscience, developmental science, cognitive science, sociology, and linguistics, among other perspectives, we hope to help students build a multifaceted, integrated, interdisciplinary, and deep understanding of the developing child, learning, and education based on critical analysis of theory, practice, policy, and empirical data.