Pathways to Teaching

Why Teach?

Every day, you will have the opportunity to teach a child a new skill or model a concept or see the world through different eyes. If you thrive on challenge, love to learn, work hard, and care about equity, we ask: why not? And, research clearly shows that a good teacher can have a positive impact not only on learning, but also on students' nonacademic life outcomes. As a teacher, if you are systematic, intentional and caring as you work, you will have tremendous influence over what is taught and learned in your classroom, as well as how students see themselves and their potential. 

What We Offer

The Education Department offers an undergraduate course of study in the liberal arts model that is broadly multidisciplinary. Through a carefully considered set of courses, designed to complement the interests of each student, we provide our students with:

  1. deep knowledge about how students learn and what teachers can do to enhance learning;
  2. a set of research and diagnostic skills to assess both evidence of student learning as well as the effectiveness of efforts to improve that learning; and
  3. rigorous practice with a set of skills and strategies to support the learning of their own students.

This course of study, combined with wide experiences, can lead to jobs that do not require teaching credentials, strengthen applications to teacher certification programs that lead to advanced degrees, or further training through internships. Our students believe that children deserve skilled and knowledgeable teachers and leaders. They are professionally committed to education and learning and go on to shape conversations about education in their communities.