Winifred Raven House
Raven House

The Department of Education is located in the Raven House at 5 Maynard Street, Hanover, NH.

Michele Tine
Professor Michele Tine Awarded New Grant

Professor Michelle Tine was awarded a Spencer Foundation grant for her proposal "Growing Up in Rural vs. Urban Poverty: Investigating the Relationship Between Distinct Ecological Contextes, Working Memory Ability, and Academic Achievement."

Donna Coch
Professor Donna Coch Receives NSF Grant

Professor Donna Coch has received a National Science Foundation grant to conduct research on the neuroscience of learning to read and on reading intervention in the classroom.

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Susan Finer
Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences
Sean Kang
Assistant Professor of Education
David Kraemer
Assistant Professor of Education
Michele Tine
Associate Professor of Education

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Tine, M. & McMurchy, M. (2016). Different worlds: rural and urban poverty. School Administrator, 73(3), 38-40.

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Eglington, L. G., & Kang, S. H. K. (in press). Retrieval practice benefits deductive inference. Educational Psychology Review.
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