Links to course syllabi from previous years are provided for informational purposes only. Do not expect that the courses offered this year or in future years will be the same as previous offerings. Any cross-listed courses used for the Education minor requires sign-up in the Education enrollment.

Summer 2018

  • EDUC 85 Independent Reading and Research* - Staff (Arr)

Fall 2018

  • PDF iconEDUC 01 Introduction to Education: Learning, Development, and Teaching - Tine (10A)
  • PDF iconEDUC 15 History and Theory of Human Development and Learning - Tine (10)
  • PDF iconEDUC 60 Learning and Education Across Cultures - Kang (2)
  • PDF iconEDUC 62 Adolescent Development and Education - Kang (10)

Winter 2019

Spring 2019


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