Dartmouth offers a minor in Education. Students may take Education courses singly, to fill distributive requirements or as electives, or in a set that will satisfy the requirements for the minor. Any cross-listed course used for the Education minor requires sign-up in the Education enrollment. Students who wish to have Education as the secondary part of a Modified Major may do so if the major forms a unified and coherent whole as approved by the Chair of the Education Steering Committee, the primary department, and the Registrar.

Minor in Education

The Education minor focuses on investigating the complex world of education through a research-based, interdisciplinary lens. EDUC 1 serves as the introductory course but does not have to be taken first (i.e., is not a prerequisite for other EDUC courses). Courses numbered in the 10s through 40s are mid-level courses characterized by exploration of broader topics, whereas courses numbered in the 50s and 60s are higher-level courses that examine more specific topics in more depth.

The minor is composed of six courses: EDUC 1 is required, along with any five other courses (excluding EDUC 7; under college policy First-Year Seminars may not be counted toward the minor). It is recommended that minors take both mid-level and higher-level courses.

Senior Education minors are eligible to apply for the Cameron-Glickenhaus Family Fund Prize for the Most Promising Minor in Education.