The Education Department offers a minor in Education. Students may take Education courses singly, to fill distributive requirements or as electives, or in a sequence that will satisfy the requirements for the minor. Any cross-listed courses used for the Education minor requires sign-up in the Education enrollment.

Minor in Education

The minor is designed to help students to build and use an integrated, multilevel understanding of learning and development based on critical analysis of theory, policy, and empirical data from education, neuroscience, and psychology. The courses explore how children grow, acquire language, think, reason, learn a variety of skills and knowledge, and how they conceptualize their social, emotional, and moral worlds.

The minor is composed of six courses:

  • EDUC001 - the introductory course (strongly recommended this course be taken first)
  • five other Education courses excluding 7 (under College policy, First-Year Seminars may not be counted toward the minor)

Senior Education minors are eligible to apply for the Cameron-Glickenhaus Family Fund Prize for the Most Promising Minor in Education.