Andrew Garrod

Academic Appointments

Professor of Education Emeritus

“In my two careers as high school English teacher and as university education professor, I have sought, first of all, to understand my students -- their intellectual abilities and interests, their ways of knowing, and their emotional needs. I have sought, also, through teaching about psychological development, power, and educational practice to connect the content of my courses to fundamental questions of identity, value, and self-understanding -- and to do all this with as much rigor and zest as I know how.”

6 Silsby Hall
HB 6103
B.A. Oxford University
M.A. Oxford University
Ed.M. Harvard University
Ed.D. Harvard University

Selected publications

Mi Voz, Mi Vida; Latino College Students Tell Their Life Stories , edited with R Kilkenny and C Gomez, (2006).

Balancing Two Worlds; Asian American College Students Tell Their Life Stories , edited with R Kilkenny, (2006).

Adolescent Portraits: Identity Relationships, and Challenges , edited with L Smulyan, S Powers, and R Kilkenny, 6th ed. (2005).

“O Bottom, Though Art Translated” Directing a Bilingual Dream in the Marshall Islands, Children’s Literature in Education , 36:1 (2005) 1-13.

“Culture, Ethnic Conflict and Moral Orientation in Bosnian Children,” with C Beal, W Jaeger, J Thomas, J Davis, N Leiser and A Hodzic, Journal of Moral Education , 32:2 (2003) 131-150.

“Forgiveness After Genocide: Perspectives from Bosnian Youth,” with J Thomas, in Before Forgiving: Cautionary Essays of the Use of Forgiveness in Psychotherapy , S Lamb and J Murphy (eds.), (2002).